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B3020 Industrial Inkjet Printers CYCJET
Color touch screen; Low running Cost; Simple and convenient maintenance; High speed; 32 dot-matrix; max 6lines printing.
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Advanced performance, maintenance testing is more convenient:

1. nozzle: nozzle automatic cleaning function to ensure stable operation of the machine can be a long, fully anatomical nozzle design, completely solve the persistent problem of nozzle clogging in the industry

2, nozzle: the perfect nozzle design, greatly improving performance and continuous high-speed switching machine printing stability

3. Overall: electrical systems and ink system is separated with the maintenance and avoid the use of accidental damage to the machine.

4. Ink: simple drawer intelligent ink system, ensure the stability of ink road running, greatly improving the ease of maintenance Ink

5, the circuit: integrated motherboard, reducing electrical fault caused due to aging connectors

6, the system: homemade operating system, greatly enhance boot speed, reducing the instability due to other operating system itself brings

7. Display: High resolution display and self-designed graphical user interface, user quickly reach the desired function, greatly enhance the operating time

8, print mode: Modular printing algorithm embedded technology, while ensuring optimum printing results and speed balance

9, sub-octave: any number of output pulses of the shaft encoder multiplier and divider, to obtain the best print results, solve synchronizer for election and by round match distress.

10. Auto Tracking: boot automatically find the best split point and real-time adjustment during operation, to better adapt to environmental changes, to ensure the stability of long continuous printing, printing achieve the best results.

11, manual testing: direct manipulation of individual ink system closes valves and pumps through the menu, the machine is easier to judge the failure to prevent unnecessary maintenance costs.

12, add the system: add ink system, which added that the use, without the need to replace the ink tank, saving supplies. 
















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