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The advantage of CYCJET Fly Laser Marking Machine

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1)    The embedded online coding & marking control system was developed by CYC, non windows system, for a variety of computer virus immune;
2)    Independent development of the integrated motherboard, dual core design, exclusive operation software a CPU core, hardware drivers and signal input and output processing work done by another independent CPU cores, it achieved the online editing function (the production line normal production, touch screen controller can operate all the functions of the software included U disk operation, it will not affect the printing work, convenient for a work to prepare and does not affect the existing work);
3)    with advanced embedded technology, realizes the industrial special controller with high performance and low power consumption. The machine compact design, full closed treatment, avoid dust, smoke, iron and other damage and corrosion.
4)    Support the unexpected power-off of memory, automatic recovery when poweron, automatic emergency protection function (built-in memory snapshot of the latest technology), a variety of unexpected circumstances can be implemented to protect customer data and guarantee the safety of the hardware

5)    The controller has wider working temperature range: after tested in the temperature range from -15 鈩 to 70鈩僥nvironment and experienced up to 7*24 hours of continuous touch-screen operation, the system is still operation stable.
6)    The software of controller was designed perfect purpose for pipe and cable application, it could support  long content printing. Refer to the inkjet printer working principle, not limited length for the printing message, automatic optimization the code contents, follow the direction of pipeline rapid progressive scanning coding & marking.
7)    The precise real-time count meter function, can be used to calculate the speed of simulation software or access the encoder (ordinary differential encoder can be used)
8)    Software of controller support local area network or serial COM port real-time data exchange, to realize marking contents updated in real time (most supporting for security, traceability system integration and management of company), and available to connect with ERP system to manage marking;
9)    The controller software supports multiple levels management (super administrator, administrator, engineer, operator etc.) the user authorization and password management function, effectively control & management machine running & operation;

10)    We have core development technology of software, hardware,we could meet the customized functional requirements of customers within the shortest time.There are reserved enough input and output interface, as well as a variety of communication methods of data exchange, convenience of system upgrade & customize;
11)    Comparison Advantages than other supplier, our software stable, powerful online editing function, high marking speed, simple operation & understanding, pretty high resolution color touch screen, so friendly operation to meet different worker & technician;

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