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what is the advantage of CYCJET laser marking machine?

In the past more than 10 years, human understanding of environmental protection and effective utilization of resources has reached an unprecedented height. To minimize the production of backward equipment that causes environmental pollution and waste of resources It has become a consensus among developed countries and most developing countries, including china.
Today"s consumers are becoming more and more demanding of the quality of their products. As one of the important means to protect the quality of products, for each product label its name, specifications, production date, expiry date, batch number and other information, has become an important part of all kinds of products in the quality standards.
In 70s, the dot matrix ink coding machine, which was introduced in the United States, was quickly popularized. For decades, such equipment has been improved, in recent years, as laser marking equipment hardware costs are reduced, as well The popularity of laser inkjet printer began to shine, is recognized by the vast numbers of consumers, and quickly spread.
The effect of marking is to expose the deep substance through the evaporation of the surface material so as to carve exquisite patterns, trademarks and characters. Laser marking machine is mainly divided into: CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine and purple External laser marking machine.
At present, laser marking machine is mainly used in some occasions which require more precise and higher accuracy, and should be used in electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile phones, telecommunications, hardware and tools Parts, precision instruments, glasses, clocks and watches, jewelry, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipes, etc..
User evaluation is a good CYCJET"s continuous improvement, continuous feedback is the thinking power we improved the update銆 Today CYCJET will introduce the laser machine we sell. We understand not only in the price, but also more advantages such as many technical applications that can not be compared with the inkjet printer.
First, the marking speed is fast. We all know that the higher wattage marking speed will be faster, Henan Shanghai Chang on technology innovation and reform, let us 10 watt models can reach 15 or even 20 Watt general models speed, allowing users to spend less money to achieve more perfect marking effect, from fast to high precision to good quality, not only for the Henan Chang won the customer support, and can help to build a long CYCJET stable laser printing suppliers and brands, and help customers improve product marking the appearance of the image and brand effect.
Two, a wide range. CYCJET lasers have a wide range of applications. They can be used to label almost any material, from carbon dioxide to semiconductors to fiber to UV models The same material, we will communicate with customers, to help users choose more suitable for more cost-effective equipment, fast, accurate, has been our potential profit style.
Three, easy operation. Computer connection, WINDOW operating system support, more in line with our usual computer operating habits, all logo content and patterns can be edited through the computer, fonts unrestricted It is not limited by production, greatly reduces the editing information and timing of new products, and gains time benefit for the users. At the same time, all the equipment purchased by our company will have special engineers for point to point operation guidance And services, packages, teaching sessions.
Four, the marking precision is fine. Can perfect the realization of garbled, automatic jump number, exquisite graphics and text, fine lines, wear resistance, good anti-counterfeiting effect, one of the advantages of laser inkjet printer, you can carry out very subtle logo Marking work, laser inkjet printing on the surface of the material, the most thin line width can reach 0.015MM, will not have a great impact on the overall quality of the material, deformation small, to meet more electronic factories, micro electronic components or other Demand for small labeling of products.
Five, good stability. Laser inkjet printer, so that we recognize the maintenance free, free supplies, zero pollution is not imagined. The contents and logos of the laser marking effect can be processed in the same batch Product content, trademark, effect is exactly the same, through years of experience in use, more users reflect, from the laser inkjet printer to spurt the code machine reform is necessary, for some large manufacturers to reduce A large number of supplies costs, to win more profits, while protecting the environment and enhance product visibility.
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