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How to do when the jet printer stops a long time and causes the nozzle to be blocked

1 Why is the nozzle blocked after a long shutdown?
A long shutdown cause ink to be dried in the ink supply line and nozzle, resulting in a partial blockage or blockage of the ink in the ink supply line or nozzle position.
2 How to avoid in advance?
Usually develop good standard downtime (using the stop button), regularly open the machine. If you stop for a long time, the last shutdown, you must follow the normal shutdown procedures.
3 The nozzle is blocked. What shall I do?
First, there is no straight line.
In this case, we found that the opening line, a line from the injection nozzles, but there will be a slight jitter, or is not accurate into recycling tank, we have partially blocked nozzle.
1/ in accordance with the standard process, the use of jet printer in the nozzle cleaning function, the nozzle cleaning;
2/ repeat a few times, the general nozzle can be restored smoothly, if not working properly, see the situation in second ways.
Second: no line, no straight.
In this case, we found that the opening line, no ink ejected from the nozzle exit, no direct injection machine at. This means that our nozzles are completely clogged.
In case of use 1, the nozzle can not be effectively removed:

1/ we removed the nozzle and placed it in a container containing a cleaning solvent for 10 minutes or so (conditional ultrasonic equipment can be used to clean it);
2/ uses a syringe to test whether the nozzle is clear;

3/ repeat the procedure until the nozzle is clear;
4/ will be back to the spray nozzle installed, adjust Moxian, can work normally.
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