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Handheld inkjet printer is becoming more and more popular with users

With the rapid development of economy, science and technology are also constantly innovating. Inkjet printing machine technology development is getting better and better, the production process is more and more exquisite, there is a small jet printing machine, known as handheld inkjet machine, it is portable inkjet printer. Because enterprises in the production process often to replace the office locations, but there is no way to move the printer to meet the demand of the place of frequent replacement, so the birth of handheld inkjet printer, bring us many convenience.
Handheld inkjet printer, is favored by the users, because compared to the large variety, large, irregular, information changes frequently, identifies the location can not be realized or changeable, it is very difficult to limit the scale of production line, such as heavy conditions. Enterprises, on-site construction team, there is no production line line distributors, logistics distribution center etc.. At this point, you need a handy handheld inkjet printer to complete the operation.
The handheld inkjet printer convenient, it is based on portable, high capacity rechargeable lithium battery, can be customized according to customer requirements of character size and other characteristics, widely used in food, beverage, wine and other packaging, and all kinds of steel pipe, woven bag, gypsum board, place of use in the workshop, also in the warehouse, freight yard, logistics office, jet printing production date, job number, serial number, shift security Cuanhuo code (or invisible characters), company name, graphic icons. Handheld inkjet printer is suitable for large items or not easy to move items, spurt the code.
The 5 inch LCD touch screen, touch screen printer directly in the editor, adjust the printing content, without adding peripheral equipment, editing and printing integration; through the touch screen to bring up the information content, can be directly, clear and quick to observe and adjust the printing content and important parameters to achieve the best printing effect.
Using the latest bar code jet printing function, can clearly and perfectly spray printed two-dimensional code (QR code);
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